Utility Billing

For more information:

Submit a CitizenSupport Ticket (Category: Water Bills)

Contact the Utility Clerk.

Moving In

If you’re moving in, and are financially responsible for water at your new address, you need to open an account:

Submit a CitizenSupport Ticket (Category: Water Billing) to:

  • provide us with your initial meter reading
  • establish yourself as the new account holder. We will require:
    • your name
    • names of anyone financially responsible for the utility bill
    • service address
    • date of possession
    • mailing address (if different from service address)
    • phone number(s)
    • your landlord’s name, mailing address and phone number if you are a tenant

Moving Out

If you’re moving out and need to close an account:

Submit a CitizenSupport Ticket (Category: Water Billing) to provide us with the details of your move. You can also email [email protected] or phone in your final meter reading to 204-785-4903.

Please provide the following for a final meter reading:

  • the service address where the meter reading was taken
  • the water meter reading (taken on inside meter)
  • the date the meter reading was taken
  • the date you moved out / last date of possession
  • your full name, telephone number and forwarding mailing address

Please Note: The water meter is located inside the residence (basement / crawl space) , outside meters are not used.

Account Changes

If you need to make changes to your utility account information:

Submit a CitizenSupport Ticket (Category: Water Billing) to provide the details of your required changes.

Types of changes can include:

  • new mailing address (if different from serivce address)
  • change in legal surname (due to marriage, or divorce)
  • new phone numbers
  • 1 account holder moved out, 1 remains there.

Contact us for more information or if you have questions.

Utility Billing Cycle

The City of Selkirk issues quarterly utility statements. Residents will receive a statement during the middle of January, April, July, and October. Utility bills are due by the middle of February, May, August, and November. See the Utility Billing Schedule below.

City of Selkirk Utility Bills
Quarterly Usage Bills Mailed Bill Due
Quarter 1 Jan – Mar Mid April Mid May
Quarter 2 Apr – June Mid July Mid August
Quarter 3 July – Sept Mid October Mid November
Quarter 4 Oct – Dec Mid January Mid February


Water and Sewer rates are listed on By-Law 5252. For other by-laws visit the By-Law page under the City Government section.

Ways to pay your bill


Pre-authorized payment

With the City of Selkirk’s Pre-Authorized Utility Bill Payment Program, your financial institution will automatically withdraw your Utility Bill payments on the 5th of the month the bill is due.

You will still receive a Utility Bill in the mail for you records. There is no cost to register for this service.

How to apply:

  1. Fill out the application form and then print it
  2. You must sign the form and return it to us.
  3. Write “VOID” across one of your personal cheques and include it with your application form
    fill in your bank account information on the application form. You may want to confirm with your bank that all the necessary bank account information is included.
  1. Return the original signed completed application form, along with your voided cheque, to:

Utility Clerk
City of Selkirk
200 Eaton Avenue
Selkirk, MB   R1A 0W6

You can change pre-authorized payments by providing us an updated application form.

  • we require 10 days’ notice to make this change
  • if the application form is incomplete, your account will be removed from pre-authorized payments until the missing information is received

For more information on the Pre-Authorized Utility Bill Payment Program submit a CitizenSupport Ticket (Category: Water Billing).


You can pay your utility bill at most banks or financial institutions through Internet banking, telephone banking, at an automatic teller or in person.

If paying your utility bill through telephone, Internet banking or at an automatic teller, please pay 4 days before the due date to allow enough time for your financial institution to transfer the funds to the city. Please be sure to retain a copy of your receipt.

To register for Internet or telephone banking:

  • You will need your 10 digit account number from your utility bill
  • Sign on to your financial institution’s secure website
  • Search in Payee Name for “Selkirk” (see listing of banks name for City of Selkirk)
  • Select “City of Selkirk (Utilities)” or “City of Selkirk (Water)” as a payee
  • Enter the last 9 digits of your account number without decimals by dropping the first “0” (Our account numbers are 10 digits long, and are located on the top left corner of your utility bill).

If you have sold a property and purchased another, or if you have move in/out of a property, please be sure to correct your account information with your financial institution so that your payments will be applied to the correct account for your new property/new address within the City of Selkirk.


Please allow sufficient time for your payment to reach our office by the due date. Please record your Utility Account Number on the “Memo” line of your cheque. Also detach and include the payment stub at the bottom of your Utility Bill with your payment.

Mail the cheque or money order to:

City of Selkirk
200 Eaton Avenue
Selkirk, MB
R1A 0W6

In Person

You can pay your utility bill in person at the Civic Office at 200 Eaton Ave. The office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. A night deposit box is available for receiving utility bill payments during non-business hours. We accept cash, cheques and debit.


Returned payment

If you have paid by cheque or pre-authorized payment and your bank returns your payment as NSF, account closed, or account frozen, your account will be subject to a $40 service charge.

Important information for Owner/landlords

From time to time, the City of Selkirk has difficulty collecting payment for water and wastewater services from account holders. Where the delinquent account holder is a tenant, and the Utility Clerk is unable to collect amounts owing, the City of Selkirk will, under the authority under Section 252 of The Municipal Act, transfer those amounts to the property taxes of the owner. With this in mind, it may be in your best interests to have water and wastewater charges billed to you, instead of billing the tenant directly. As owner/landlord, the choice is yours.


When selling your rental property

Submit a CitizenSupport Ticket (Category: Water Billing) with a meter reading to make sure that we bill you only for the water and sewer used at your property until the time of the sale.

  • Do this even if your tenant is responsible for the utility bill and plans to rent from the new owner.
  • If we don’t receive a reading until months after the sale, we pro-rate the bill between the former owner and the new owner. If the new owner rents to a tenant that uses lots of water, you may end up with a higher bill than you expected.


When purchasing property

Do not finalize the purchase until the vendor (seller) provides a meter reading and his or her lawyer pays the final utility bill.

  • Your lawyer should make sure the final utility bill is paid before you finalize the purchase.
  • Remember, we may add unpaid water and sewer charges to your property taxes.

Lawyers should submit a Request for final water account balance.

When renting, contact us

Submit a CitizenSupport Ticket (Category: Water Billing) on the day your tenant:

  1. Signs a rental agreement so that we can confirm that we have all the information we need to set up the utility account (e.g., name of account holder(s), first meter reading).
  2. Moves out to confirm that we have a final reading.
    • We can then issue a final utility bill for water and sewer service right away.
    • We will send you a letter in November / December only, with the final utility bill amount, if there are any unpaid water and sewer charges that may be added to your property taxes if not paid. Outstanding water and sewer fees are your responsibility as the property owner. You can withhold the security deposit until the bill is paid.

Before you rent out any type of housing unit, the City of Selkirk asks that you consider the following:

  • Do contact the Province of Manitoba Residential Tenancies Branch. The Residential Tenancies Branch provides valuable information to landlords and tenants on their rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act. Fact sheets are available on various topics of interest to landlords and tenants. The Residential Tenancies Branch investigates possible breaches of the Residential Tenancies Act and provides background information to resolve disputes; attempts to mediate disputes between landlords and tenants, including claims for compensation; adjudicates all matters which previously were referred to Court of Queen’s Bench and Small Claims Court.

Contact the Residential Tenancies Branch Winnipeg Office at:
302-254 Edmonton Street,
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Y4
Phone toll-free: 1-800-782-8403

Email: [email protected]

  • Check plumbing fixtures for leaks. Even small leaks in plumbing fixtures can cost you or your tenants hundreds of dollars in unnecessary water and wastewater charges and may end up on your tax bill.
  • Consider installing water conservation devices, including low-flow showerheads, low-flow faucet aerators, and early-closure toilet flappers. These items are low-cost, easy to install, and will provide substantial savings in water/wastewater charges for years to come. Talk with tenants about the importance of water conservation. Visit the City of Selkirk Water Conservation webpage. Check out the provincial website for conservation tips as well. www.ec.gc.ca/water
  • If you are planning to rent to an individual receiving social assistance from the Province of Manitoba, please contact the Employment and Income Assistance Office in Selkirk at:

101 – 446 Main St
Provincial Building
Selkirk , Manitoba R1A 1V7
T: 204-785-5105
1-866-475-0215 (in Manitoba)
F: 204-785-5157

  • If we do not receive information about a new tenant, we will automatically put the bill in your name.
    • If you receive a bill for charges that you believe should be billed to a tenant, we will adjust your bill and bill your tenant for up to one bill period (typically one quarter).
  • We DO NOT send notices to the tenant any time there is an outstanding balance.
  • We will send you a letter at the end of the fiscal year (November / December) if your tenant has an outstanding balance for:
    • Sewer and water charges that may be added to your property tax roll.

When a tenant vacates your rental unit with an outstanding amount owing

You are responsible for all unpaid utility charges for your property.

We first try to recover the money from the tenant:

  • We notify you of the tenant’s final bill amount.
  • If we have a forwarding address for the tenant, we send the tenant’s final utility bill to the forwarding address. If we do not have a forwarding address, we send the tenant’s final utility bill to the service address on file.
  • We DO NOT send notices to the tenant any time there is an outstanding balance.

We encourage you to try to collect this money from your tenant. Options open to you include:

  • Manitoba Small Claims Court
  • Manitoba Residential Tenancies Branch
  • Private collection agencies

What is the city doing to protect owners against unpaid tenant bills?

  • If the Utility Clerk becomes aware of a resident who is receiving service at a new address while still owing for service provided at a previous address, we will forward any unpaid bills to the former tenant’s current address.
  • If a utility bill remains overdue, a letter is sent to the owner advising that, unless the account is paid by a prescribed date, the account will be transferred to the owner’s property taxes (generally sent out in November).


Unpaid Tenant Water Bills FAQ’s:

  1. What can owners do to protect themselves against unpaid tenant bills?
  • Ensure that our Utility Clerk is aware of all properties belonging to you where a landlord/tenant relationship exists. We will provide you with important information which may save you money.
  • Ensure any arrangements you make with your tenant(s) regarding payment of their water and wastewater bill are recorded in the TENANCY AGREEMENT. You may wish to note in the Tenancy Agreement that the tenant is responsible for providing meter readings when requested to do so.
  • Contact our Utility Clerk periodically to learn about the status of your tenant(s) accounts.

 The notice should raise consideration of the following option:

  • Advise the Utility Clerk when a tenant is vacating your premises and provide a final meter reading and forwarding information on the day the tenant leaves. We can immediately calculate for you the amount outstanding so you know what to collect before the tenant departs. When issued, a final bill will be sent to the tenant at their forwarding address and a copy can be sent to the owner upon request.
  • Please provide the Utility Clerk with the name and pertinent information of the new account holder, even in those situations where a property is to remain vacant for a period of time. If the name of a new tenant is not provided, the account will be transferred into the owner’s name.
  • The Utility Clerk will not negotiate payment extensions or alternative payment arrangements with tenants. Tenants are responsible for obtaining the owner’s consent for alternate payment arrangements.

Call the Utility Clerk or Finance Support Clerk TO ENSURE ALL BILLS HAVE BEEN PAID BEFORE RETURNING THEIR TENANCY DEPOSIT. Allow sufficient clearing time for payments made by cheque.


Information for lawyers


Transfer of ownership

When representing a seller (vendor), lawyers should:

You can:

  • fill out and email either version of the form to the email address on the form (preferred option)
  • print, fill out and fax either version of the form to
  • print, fill out and mail either version of the form to:

City of Selkirk
200 Eaton Avenue
Selkirk, Manitoba
R1A 0W6

Send it to the attention of “Utility – Lawyer Information”.


When representing a buyer (purchaser), lawyers should:

  • Obtain a copy of the completed Request for final water account balance form from the seller’s lawyer before concluding the legal transaction
  • Advise the buyer to submit a CitizenSupport Ticket (Category: Water Billing) to:
    • establish themselves as the new account holder; and
    • provide us with their initial meter reading

Contact the City of Selkirk Utility Clerk directly during regular business hours if you want additional information about the vendor’s account. We will respond by phone only to the following questions:

  • Is the vendor’s account finalized?
  • Is the final water bill based on an actual water meter reading?
  • What was the final water meter reading?
  • Is the vendor’s final water bill paid in full?
  • If the final water bill is not paid in full, is the outstanding amount lienable?



Request for final water account balance  (pdf – 136kb) Adobe Reader versions 7 and higher compatible

Can be filled out online and emailed directly to us by selecting the “Email” button at the bottom of the form. A step-by-step “wizard” will help you email the form. Disregard any warnings about only the data and not the form itself being sent as we do receive the form and all its entered data. Once sent, a copy of the file is in your email program’s sent items folder.

Request for final water account balance  (pdf – 136kb) Adobe Reader version 6 and lower compatible

Can be filled out online, then saved and sent as an attachment to the email address on the form. If filling out multiple forms at once, don’t forget to save each with a unique name to avoid overwriting any previous forms.

The above documents are in pdf format . Selecting either will open the pdf file in a new browser window. Close the new window to return to this page. In order to view these documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.